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There is no denying the fact that today, almost everyone has a presence on the world wide web; this could be either via a account on a social networking site or through a website, that represents the company that you own. Whatever be the case, you are linked closer to the domain of web portal development than you can actually imagine!

Whether you believe it or not, every time you log onto your email account, or surf your favorite blog, you are being a part of some sort of development that has taken place, in regards with that particular web portal. As a layman, you might not be aware of what kind of development programs or online applications have been used on the same, but that does not deny the fact that the same have been utilised.

Most sites these days, use some form of open source website development program, some of which might be free, while others might be paid. Depending on the configurations involved and how high end the program is, a developer of websites would utilise the same. For instance, if a PHP developer is writing the codes and the associated programs for a small time site, he or she would perhaps choose applications and programs that are free of cost. This might offer them a slightly limited boundary to work, but nonetheless, they will be able to create their magic with the tools in hand.

While a lot of people might not realise it, CMS web development play an important role in internet marketing. CMS, or content management system, is what makes sure that you get to read your favorite blog post or vote on that truly interesting online poll. Today, there are a number of content management systems offered on the internet and most of them are free of charge, and open source programs. While Joomla, WordPress and Drupal are the most popular, there are several others like Mambo, Opus and Habari which have also won acclaim, from the internet development community.

Today, no matter what kind of web portal is being developed, there are certain tools which cannot be avoided. While content management systems are just one of them, there is a host of programs and applications, without which it would be impossible to imagine the initiation of even the most basic of websites.

So, if you are planning to create a website, these are the areas that you would want to spend some time knowing about.

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