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Applications used in Facebook are the most innovative ways to assist owners to make the most of their large social networking stream. In the article today, you will find the most useful and important tips to help you in designing, planning and developing Facebook applications.

Facebook popularity is increasing at a much faster pace and along with that number of Facebook users is also increasing in thousands and even in millions. It means every Facebook user and app owner gets its more potential users every day. But it has other side too. As the development tools are increasing at a rapid pace so are the evolution tools for the application development like Facebook API (Application Programming Interface etc). These APIs are now bringing in changes quite often.  It becomes therefore very important for designers, owners and developers to keep a track on these features.

These new features or tags can create an impact on their functionality, appearance and even operation of the present applications. So even before you plan out your Facebook application, it is very important for you to have read Facebook developers policies and principles. This is a small document for you to understand policies and limitations before your plan to create Facebook application. If your application does not cater to these policies then you may not get permission for getting your app integrated in Facebook. It is also highly suggested to read Facebook developers Roadmap to make yourself aware of the changes and to forecast any modifications of your apps much in advance.

The first step in successful facebook apps development is its design. Designing process is very important for the success of any Facebook application and so to provide a great look and feel of your app it is suggested to follow the points as mentioned below:

Design should speak of the company’s concept, ideas and feelings. It should be intuitive, user friendly and stylish with attractive features and pictures.
Your design should be viral in nature. In other words it should have an ability to socialize with others, be communicative, have an ability to send out invitations and help people to express them. It should make people really raise their brows like “Wow, just have a look at that app? Isn’t it wonderful?
Apps should also be flexible, adaptable and simple enough to show regular growth and can be easily changed and modified by the developers. 
Competitive in spirit: Over and above it is very important to find out your competition and how the way it can be overcome.

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