Toys Helpful in Children Intelligence Development
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Choosing toys must take the child’s interest in to consideration. No matter how interesting the educational toy, children do not love that, it is in vain. Using toys for intelligence training should also pay attention to the child’s intellectual development, observe the difference before and after, or compare with children of the same age in order to observe the educational effect and to rationalize the next intellectual training. For example, the Jigsaw puzzle is a traditional intellectual toy, you can give it to a group of children, and to see who spell the most patterns and spend the least time. For the same child, you can make before and after comparison. In this way, you can compare children’s development of creative thinking ability.

Domestic and international markets have already provide 2,000 kinds of intelligence toys,  including effective educational toys about 250 kinds, such as building blocks, puzzle, illustration, sound and light toys, electronics, and integrated toys. Choose educational toys that require using hands and brain together. Toys only for entertainment should not use as possible.

Of course, the best intelligence toys are designed by parents and teachers according to the children’s physical and mental characteristics. You can also creatively use existing toys, for example, there are lots of balls in kindergarten, and the teacher can use this simple toy to design a variety of puzzle games. Such as the ball fell into the hole in the trees and how to get it out; put a small ball on the wall and ask the children how to take down, certainly there is a variety of different answers like climb over the wall to get it, or pick the ball with a bamboo pole, or take a big ball from the heap of balls to hit the ball down. The teacher gives them a chance to express their own respective views fully, and then tell the child to hit the ball with the bigger one is the best way and tell them why. Thus all kids have moved their brains, also broaden their thinking and increase their knowledge.

Toy is also training of both brain and hands, and encourages children to develop their childish imagination and thinking skills. At the same time, exercise the finger dexterity, and promote the moving of brain, so that children can become ingenuity in process of entertainment. The educational theory of toys is the same with music therapy and painting therapy.

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