The Truth About Solavei Going Out Of Business
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Solavei Going Out of Business

As you may have heard Solavei is shutting down. Solavei was a prepaid wireless unlimited social commerce company which operated on the T Mobile network. Throughout the last couple of years Solavei has been the cutting edge social commerce company.

The shut down of Solavei did not come as a shock to many people mainly because they continued to be a company that could never avoid altering their comp plan. Many Solavei merchants just weren’t prepared to see Solavei shut down after years of working hard.

Once Solavei is out of business T Mobile will send SIM cards to all Solavei buyers in a attempt to keep as many customers as possible.

What’s Next For Solavei Sellers After They Shutdown?

Solavei dealers now are compelled to find a brand-new solution to offer prepaid wireless unlimited plans to the pubic. This is where businesses like SYNC UP will prosper. SYNC UP is a Multi-Carrier cell phone business development company that targets both GSM & CDMA networks.

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