The Development Of Green Flooring Industry, Low-carbon Economy Step By Step Processes
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The development of low-carbon environmental protection is critical, and it is vigorously promoted by, the wood floor of the original material growth cycle is generally fifty years or even longer, which makes wood consumption in the February 24, 2010 meeting of the Eleventh National People’s Congress Standing Committee will be the thirteenth meeting, the relevant national authority of the department, the green economy, low-carbon economic development concepts and related development objectives into “Shier Wu” planning and related industry development plan, is working out “energy-saving environmental protection industry development planning “” emerging energy industry development plan “” guidance for the development of low-carbon economy “and so on, while the development of relevant in promoting the green economy, low-carbon economic development, taxation, finance, price incentives. Premier Wen Jiabao have repeatedly on various occasions expressed its strong appeal to the whole society, “with particular emphasis on changes in mode of development, so that our economic development, and truly shifted to relying on scientific and technological progress and improve the quality of workers up.”
This series conveys to us a message: the Central Committee will make great efforts to take measures to develop the green economy, low carbon economy. Promising low-carbon economy of green!

Low-carbon economy is both a product of post-crisis era, but also economic context of sustainable human development must be and opportunities. Low-carbon development is the need to reduce energy consumption, is to meet the new technological revolution and industrial upgrading needs of the scientific development of China’s strategy for achieving the inevitable choice. The development of low-carbon economy is not only involved in the production and lifestyle changes, will also promote people to develop the concept of change, and change people’s lives, habits and ways of thinking.

Human reason is limited. In such an era full of complexities, as a business, for the ability to predict changes in the business environment may not be higher than that of an ancient farmer of weather forecasts. At present, China is in the history of mankind’s most rapid urbanization process, taking place in the largest population in human history, migration, wood flooring is becoming a Chinese family and commercial uses on the ground of choice for decorative materials, industry-wide high-speed development, has entered a golden Period. For resources and energy-dependent of the wood flooring industry is concerned, low-carbon industry reshuffle must have become a catalyst for development of the industry is naturally an important breakthrough.

According to expert estimates, home building materials industry, the country’s total carbon emissions, accounting for 70%. Also has information, to produce 1 cubic meter of solid wood flooring be harvested five cubic meters of logs, if 1 cubic meter of solid wood flooring to be recycled, together with mining, energy consumption during transport, at least to reduce the equivalent of felling 10 cubic meters of forest logs generated by carbon emissions. If a family uses solid wood floor 80 square meters, for example the calculation, through recycling, can be directly reduced by about 908.8 kilograms of carbon emissions, which shows: one is energy-efficient home building materials industry, emissions long way to go, on the other hand also shows that the home-based building materials industry is much room for energy-saving emission reduction. How to do green, low carbon emissions, sustainable development, improving corporate social image of home building materials, this is the future of our enterprises will face more social responsibilities and challenges!

In the enterprise restructuring, low-carbon economy in the future course of development, we have more from the “Made in China” to, and rose to “Made in China” will simply amount to economic growth pattern, transfer to improve resource use efficiency, promotion of clean energy development and the pursuit of green GDP, on the planet to contribute to reproduce the clear water and blue sky, so as to continuously contribute for environmental protection.

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