Some Popular Heat Treatment Processes
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The procedure used for modifying the physical and mechanical properties of metals without changing its formation is popularly known as heat treatment. This process mainly increases the strength the of the material. It is also used for modifying the objectives of few material aspect manufacturability such as restoring the ductility after the cooling process, improving machine process and its formability. Its also used for manufacturing materials such as glass. The material’s performance is somewhat improved by the heat treat process.

It is basically the metallurgical methods where heat treat is applied. In order to attain the desired results like hardening and softening of the materials, heat treat method is used which includes heating and cooling of such products from the moderate to high temperature. The heat treat process involves ageing, carbonitriding, annealing,carburising, hardening, homogenising, induction hardening, induction annealing, normalizing, shot blasting, case hardening, tempering, stress relieving, precipitation strengthening, tempering and quenching.

Now let us discuss in brief about some of the most popular heat treatment processes that are offered by any reputed heat treatment company.

Annealing is the heat treat method whereby the metal is heated to a certain colour/temperature and then cooled gradually, This makes the metal softer which means the metal can be easily cut and shaped. Mild steel is heated to red colour and then cooled gradually. However, metals like aluminium can melt if heated for long span of time. Annealed materials are comparatively softer and can be shaped and cut more easily. They blend very easily with pressure being applied.

Hardening is the heat treat process used for increasing the hardness of the material. This generally implies heating up to a temperature that is slightly above critical range and maintaining at that certain temperature until and unless the diffusion gets completed.

The process of tempering and quenching involves heating up any crystalline material to its austenitizing temperature for a specific period until and unless the desired change takes place. Quenching involves use of several materials like water, oil or air. Following the quenching process, the material is again reheated until and unless it reaches a specific temperature under critical range.

Precipitation, selective and case hardening are all heat treat methods which actually depend on the materials that is treated. Precipitation hardening is used with metals which are categorized as metals fitting in the precipitation class. Selective hardening uses heat treat process on an object, which is popularly called differential hardening. Moreover, case hardening refers to the diffusion of the surface on the monolithic metals.

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