Shoe Need To Give Priority To The Development Of Social Responsibility Framework
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Business operations and brand building depends on the stable development of society as a whole, also benefits from all of society’s help, only in the broad context of social enterprise to targeted, fully carry out production and business activities. This is the root out of a solid pillar of society, enterprise development framework will be carefully constructed collapsed. So, we must assume certain social responsibilities, be grateful and unconditional contribute to the community, within its capacity to help troubled people. This is not just the needs of corporate branding, it is the obligation of enterprises. The meaning of corporate social responsibility is enormous, just as the soul of business, large or small business should take the initiative to undertake. Social Responsibility covers a broad range of consumers for small, large benefit for the whole community, and promote development. Social responsibility throughout the enterprise from the production, marketing, and even all the links in the distribution of profits, business to pursue long-term healthy development, we can not ignore social responsibility.

 Throughout the ages, all with the strength of domestic and international major companies, they were talking to the cultivation of social responsibility as the key tasks of development. Corporate social responsibility refers to companies facing the social responsibility embodied in the form of compensation made by society and the unpaid contributions in the form of Yeshi different, either by providing people with quality products or services performance can also be disadvantaged by the enterprises to contribute, or disaster assistance and other material, as long as the company determined to social responsibility, even if it is trivial actions will be appreciated and supported. I still remember the 2008 snowstorm, earthquake in 2009 … … after each disaster the first time, the total tens of thousands of businesses to start relief operations, have led with their own employees donate generously for the relief work and make every effort to contribute to the reconstruction. The company completed the mission of social Zeren the same time, no doubt to the people left a deep impression, establish a good corporate brand image and reputation for market development has laid a solid foundation. Which, of course, there are some shoe figure.

 As a lead shoe manufacturing industry, social responsibility should keep in mind, and to pay to actual action. Shoe only active social responsibility, to care about people’s survival, development and social progress as a starting point, compliance with laws and regulations, abandoned the interests of individuals, dedicated to provide the market with affordable products and good service, to maintain the vital interests of consumers and the legitimate rights and interests, while the community to help people in need of a helping hand, for solve problems, fulfill social responsibility, so can the consumers right Qiyechansheng goodwill, affecting their Zai may be time for the purchase of Juece Youxian Xuanzepinpai products, Huan can expand brand awareness and reputation, and then promote the sustainable development of enterprises. Today, more and more enterprises have realized the shoes of the importance of social responsibility, both vigorously the introduction of advanced materials technology, research and development without environmental pollution, health products, charity and other good or positive actions, with a large number of excellent community responsibility of the shoe constantly introduced. So how better shoe to fulfill their social commitments and responsibilities?

 Footwear enterprises should adhere to the social responsibility to guide the strategic development into the thinking went, and indoctrination to the company that every employee, and continuously enhance the overall sense of social responsibility, corporate rich cultural connotation, so that it can implement the enterprise production and management of all aspects of the formation of a powerful centripetal force in order to create a high sense of social responsibility of business. Second, the shoe should also abide by the law, in order to obtain consumer credit management support activities in the areas of production using non-polluting, recyclable materials recycled to eliminate waste of resources, waste disposal reasonable emissions use of technology equipment technological innovation, so that to reduce pollution, reduce resource consumption, environmental protection and conservation of resources is also required to fulfill their social responsibilities. Meanwhile, the shoe on the target market through research, to fashion style design, materials quality products, advanced process technology developed marketable products to meet consumer needs and enrich the material life of the masses . As much as possible to expand sales, cut costs, so that stakeholders including consumers who profits, and make a comprehensive sales service for consumers that is socially responsible. In addition, the shoe should also increase the degree of social concern, the difficulties encountered in the state and society when a helping hand in time, or need help community individuals or groups of organizations donated money and goods, the poor and needy ask the crisis, or poverty-stricken areas for some backward providing medical, educational infrastructure initiatives, not only can make to corporate social responsibility, while still allowing some improvement in the public enterprises to expand business and brand influence.

 Brand to win the market, the responsibility to win people’s hearts, shoe, and only proactive commitment to social responsibility, to act quickly and to work tirelessly to carry on this work, sharing the burden for the society, within our capabilities to make more contributions in order to win the approval and support of the whole society, for enterprises accumulated large consumer of resources, production and business activities can be made smoothly, and further to complete the objectives and expected profits, in order to achieve the social value of shoe!

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