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RedZone is the first navigation app that includes crime data sourced from the government and by users like you!

Start driving with RedZone today and experience a entirely new type of GPS technology:

– Geo-tagged shootings, assaults, and thefts with the date and time included.
– One tap safe route selection.
– Turn-by-turn voice guided navigation.
– Community reported alerts including suspicious activity, shootings, theft, assaults, vandalism, and police.
– Anonymously upload photos and videos onto the map for the world to see.
– A real-time map maintained and updated by RedZone, and it’s users.
– Get notifications about incidents reported by users nearby.
– Like & comment on published alerts.

It is our goal to reduce a traveler’s risk of being affected by crime. Whether it’s at the gas station, on the road, staying at an AirBnB, or even touring a city.

As an active Zoner, ​you can gain points, receive awards, and unlock features with perks to dominate your peers.

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