Promoting Your Business on Twitter
Filed under: Parenting proclaims itself to be a site for friends, family and co-workers to keep in touch at all times of the day by answering a simple question – What are you doing. In less than 3 years, this micro-blogging sensation has taken the world by storm and has already made its place in the marketing strategies of large corporations. If you are an entrepreneur searching for ways and means to promote your business, then I will give you some hints on using Twitter for maximum gain with minimum investment.

o Add Twitter in your daily tasks: Be online and tweet frequently. It is important to create your presence on Twitter. Frequent daily twittering will be of great benefit. Initially, you can follow other twitterers and with time, you can get a good following of your own. This will be a good thing as you can build your own network of people with common interests since it is said that birds of a feather flock together.

o Communicate your product information: Enthusiasm about your business and products is important for success. With Twitter, it can also spread to all your friends and contacts over a period of time, thus increasing the chances of generating leads and customers.

o Promote events: Make a mention about your upcoming events such as dealer conferences and annual meets on your tweets. Sign up a person to provide a live commentary even while the event is in progress. This will be for the benefit of those who could not attend the event. Announce various schemes, discounts, freebies and contests, which will attract people’s attention to your products.

o Attract leads: Twitter can be used effectively to attract prospects to your website. You can promote the link for your new ‘free to download’ ebook and expect a rise in traffic. You can also invite people to check out a new collection of winter clothing at your boutique.

o Develop your personal brand: People like to follow knowledgeable persons and are influenced by expert opinion. Therefore, you can express your insights about your products or field to create a perception of expertise. Provide tips on how to use your products for best performance for which your customers will be thankful.

There are many other ways in which Twitter can be used by smart marketers. You can use it to express thought-leadership and shape opinions and views of people, connect with your partners and vendors and extend your reach to those not covered via your traditional campaigns.

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