Promoting Women entrepreneurship and SMEs
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How many women entrepreneurs do we see in our society? Not many, right? As compared to last decade we see drastic improvement is women literacy as well as entrepreneurship. Though literacy is not a criterion for becoming an entrepreneur; Women need education own and head big businesses. Today’s need is making the women self dependent; financially and mentally by providing some source of income and financial assistance to start SME.

In our society most of the women remain in the walls of house in spite of capability to start their own business because of the conservative mentality of our society. For this we need to focus on female education as well as social awareness programs to enlighten the minds of those who carry such orthodox approach towards women development. Government is also taking steps towards this. They are trying to provide more are more facilities to women to bring them out of their houses and start their own SMEs. This helps in improving socio- economic condition of the country. Government is also taking efforts to improve the literacy rate in women population of the country by providing fee wave offs and rewards for the girl child if they study till certain grade.

There are some institutes who give basic education to women for certain months and then they also guide them to arrange finance. They impart knowledge about different government schemes specially designed for emerging women entrepreneurs to start small businesses. Banks provide lesser interest rate loans for women entrepreneurs.

Woman entrepreneurs can start their businesses like masala making, pickle making, papad making, beauty parlour, small cooking classes or craft classes etc. There are many small businesses which women can start. We have a very famous example of Lijjat papad. How Few women started the papad making business in the small premises of building terrace and now that business has spread  all over state and many sisters have become self dependant and proud of themselves. This has brought overall socio- economic change in the society. More and more women should explore themselves and start such businesses. We have heard that female driven businesses are more successful than male driven businesses. Women should prove this. 


Glynford has worked with many startup Small and Medium Enterprises and Business to Business Directory.

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