Promoting Designer Dinner Linen
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Designer linen can serve as one of a kind decorative elements or gift ideas. Unlike ordinary or generic designs found in malls or commercial stores, designer dinner linens can be ideal accents to dress up any dinner table. Designer linens provide character to a dining room or dinner set up. Being small accents, they do not overpower a room and can easily be adapted or changed to any situation or dining room design. Promoting these products can be challenging due to competition with other commercial products in shops and on the internet. One effective method for marketing is digital printing of promotional materials. Below are examples of these materials and how they can be used.

Brochures – Brochures serve as effective mediums for direct and instant promotion of products such as designer linens. Brochures are handy. They can easily be distributed around the neighborhood, in commercial areas, in restaurants. Online printing services provide full, front and back color printing of brochure pages. Printing services also print in standard or customized sizes. Brochures can sufficiently illustrate and provide essential information about the linen.

Hang tags – Hang tags are convenient and compact printed materials that can directly communicate the brand or product image when attached to the linen. Hang tags are essential marketing materials as they serve as a badge of the product line. Online printing companies can print hang tags in standard or customized sizes starting at 2×2 inches to 8.5 by 11 inches. Printing services also provide the added convenience of hole drilling.

Catalogs – Printing a catalog of designs can look achieve a very professional image for products. Catalogs are a comprehensive and informative medium for customers.Printing companies also provide catalog printing. Catalog pages are also printed in full color. Customer can easily upload their design onto an online printers’ website. Printing services also offer free digital proofing and digital design for a minimal fee.

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