Nut Milk Bags
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Nut Milk Bags – – The Fine Mesh Reusable Nylon Nut Milk Bags are a very high quality and are essential in the raw food kitchen.

There are various sizes and are made of fine mesh and nylon with square bottom. The top of the bag can be secured by holding the top closed with your hands as you strain the liquid. Use these fine mesh Nut Milk Bags for straining large portions of your nut milk to make them very smooth. Smooth nut milks go great in recipes and when serving people who are new to raw foods. You can also use this as a sprouting bag, but we recommend the hemp sprouting bag instead.

The advantage of nylon is that it is very sturdy so you can use it over and over again to make your own nut milk, juice, or sprouts. This works better than cheesecloth because it does not let pulp through and does not stretch out in the same way that organic materials do. It is better than a mesh screen because you can squeeze it…maximizing your yield and minimizing your preparation time.

Imagine never having to buy a non-recyclable boxed “milk” again. Instead, make your own RAW “milk” of any nut or seed you like! Why buy plastic packages of expensive sprouts when you can sprout your own seeds, grains, and legumes? If you don’t feel like cleaning up after your juicer, or just don’t have a juicer, then you can use a blender and strain the pulp through these Nut Milk Bags as well!

There are many variations of nut milk recipes available. Use leftover almond pulp from making the almond milk to make a delicious almond bread recipe. See our Books section to order a raw food recipe book to try the nut milk and almond pulp recipes. Try it and you will be delighted!

Basic Nut Milk Recipe:
To the strained nut milk add a little kelp or dulse to add minerals, add 1 T agave nectar per quart, and add a pinch of sea salt. This will make a pleasant tasting nut milk suitable for drinking.

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