Nightclub Promoting Tips
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Nightclub promoting is one of the hottest gigs around. Imagine partying every night, hanging out with friends, meeting hundreds of people, and getting PAID for it. Here are some nightclub promoting tips to help get you started.

1. Remember everybody’s name. Everybody’s favorite sound is the sound of their name being spoken. Don’t ever forget this.

What I do to remember names well is I repeat each person’s name back to them when I’m introduced to them. Then after that I look at them and say it one more time in my head. These days I can remember most people’s names even if I only meet them for 10 seconds or so.

This pays off big-time. Why? Well, that’s tip number two…

2. Make everyone feel like a superstar. Everyone’s favorite subject to talk about is themselves. Everyone is their own biggest fan. If you can play up to that, you’ll instantly be in with most of the people you meet.

Make people feel special. I’m not just giving you nightclub promoting tips for the hell of it, I’m doing it for YOU. To make you feel special. Now you like me more right?

Well, something like that. If you go out of your way to show people they matter or do something to help them, they’ll remember it.

This is all building up to…

3. Get people to be loyal to you. Because at the end of the day, this is a very fickle industry. As nightclub promoters, we’re paid to bring people in the door. If you have a solid base of clients who consistently show up to whichever venue you’re promoting because they like YOU, then you’re consistently making that much more money.

4. Focus on girls, girls, girls! Girls bring the party. Where the girls are, the men will follow… every time. I don’t care if you’re in a junkyard, if you bring 30 sexy ladies, guys will find their way there. It’s like they have a sixth sense for the hotties.

If you only bring dudes to the party, EVERYBODY’S going to get bored and leave and you’re going to have a pissed off club manager.

Bring the ladies and make sure they COME BACK too.

That’s why making them feel special matters.

That’s why always remembering who they are matters.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to some sweet parties. Hit me up if you have any more questions or concerns.

David Dellario is a professional Nightclub Promoter in one of the biggest cities in the country. He has been promoting successfully for over 7-years and current owns and runs one of the most successful promotions companies in the US. David is the author of Nightclub Promoter’s Blueprint.

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