Nightclub Promoting Guide
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If you want to get into the business of Nightclub Promoting, you absolutely must have this guide on hand..

—-> Download the Nightclub Promoting 101 Guide by Austin King (latest version)

The club promoting industry is very secretive. Successful party promoters don’t like telling people how they do what they do. This is because the barriers to entering the business are low, and the income potential is high. Anyone can start promoting parties, and club promoters don’t want any more competition. So they keep their best business practices confidential.

The Nightclub Promoting 101 Guide by Austin King includes:

Building Your Customer Base
Insider tricks for building a large database of customers to promote your events to. More people = more money.
Land Club Promoter Jobs
Find out what club promotion companies are looking for when they hire people. Learn how to land the best gigs.

Guerilla Marketing & Advertising
Unconventional techniques for letting people know about your parties. Save money and out-think the competition.

Double Your Door Numbers
Learn how to quickly increase the number of people who attend your events. Pack venues with party people each night.

Finding Party Sponsors
Get companies to pay for your party expenses in exchange for branding and marketing their products at your event.

Free Updated Versions
The promoting industry changes all the time, and we change with it. You’ll always have the latest information.

Working with Club Owners
How to approach club owners or managers about throwing events at their venue. Learn how to not get screwed over in a deal.

VIP Table Service
Learn how to use VIP bottle and table service to boost your promoting profits every week.

Top Secret Social Media Tactics
Get the most out of social media like Facebook & Twitter. Geared specifically for party promoters.

Start Your Own Promoting Business
Make a larger cut when you’re the boss. How to hire sub-promoters and build a party promoting empire.

Promoter Contracts & Agreements
You get a full set of example contracts and agreements that you can edit and use to suit your needs.
And Much More…
The guide contains so much stuff, I could be here all day!

Must have: Download the Nightclub Promoting 101 Guide by Austin King

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