Haritaki research indicates potential benefits for HIV
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We know very well that HIV is the short form of the virus that leads humans to be immunodeficient. If it is not diagnosed and treated then it will lead to the development of AIDS. This can then lead to an increased likelyhood of infections, and disease. The likelihood of disease such as cancer is increased significantly when HIV is present in the body. Obviously a remedy such as Haritaki would be very important for the treatment of HIV.
No effective cure for HIV currently exists, but with proper treatment and medical care, HIV can be controlled. Haritaki has been found to reduce infection in test animals in studies. The medicine used to treat HIV is called ART. If taken the right way, every day, this medicine can dramatically prolong the lives of many people with HIV, keep them healthy, and greatly lower their chance of transmitting the virus to others. Today, a person who is diagnosed with HIV, treated before the disease is far advanced, and stays on treatment can live a nearly as long as someone who does not have HIV.
The only way to know for sure if you have HIV is to get tested. Testing is relatively simple. You can ask your health care provider for an HIV test. Many medical clinics, substance abuse programs, community health centers, and hospitals offer them too. You can also buy a home testing kit at a pharmacy or online. In the meantime, we recommend taking Haritaki as one of the ways that may help the issue. Obviously this is not a medically tested advise about Haritaki, but just based on the results with animals.

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