Facebook Social Shopping Matters in Ecommerce Business Development
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Facebook is increasingly becoming a crucial tool in e-commerce. It offers products/services providers great opportunity to get more customers and increase their sale, as it has over 750 million members all over the world. Your pages on Facebook could be quite a dynamic location for you to display products or services. Just implementing Facebook store application like Quickerbuy Store and Payvment shopping mall on your page, you could let fans shop without leaving Facebook.

Today, more and more customers who become a fan of business pages like Quickerbuy and Vancl would like to share products they are interested than they are in scoring rebates or special deals. This social networking giant offers an easy platform for consumers to communicate directly with products/services providers. According to a survey to 1,000 online user conducted by a consulting agency, there are 36 percent said they view Facebook as a good tool for researching products, Men (38 percent) are slightly more likely to find product information on Facebook than women (36 percent) and 68 percent of respondents indicated that a positive recommendation on a product from one of their Facebook friends would influence their decision on whether to buy a product or not.

Ecommerce Facebook is in its frontier these days. Most retailers on it, no matter small or large, tends to create a social selling experience over a transaction. They would like to discuss their brands with consumers. The challenge with Facebook store is to let your visitors do something different from the past — finish their shopping on Facebook.

Avenues have been applied on Facebook store, turning Facebook Fan pages into retail outlets just like entity shops. For small to mid-size businesses, if they want to achieve success on this social networking, they should understand its inherently social nature plays an important role in successful sales venues. Facebook requires presenting a product in a way that is more compelling and more interactive.

Facebook shopping has the additional appeal of being a seamless transition from talking with friends about shopping and tips/discount sharing to actually doing it. It has become a crucial tool for business owners to boost their business. This networking giant matters in the development of E-commerce industry.

Linda has been in marketing area for over 10 years. Now, she works in a marketing department in a company in Shanghai, China to promote their products including small electronics, gadgets, apparels & accessories, health & beauty, iPad accessories, video game accessories, computers & networking, etc.

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