Facebook Application Development – Guidelines Regarding Facebook Application Development
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Facebook is most demanded social networking website in the world of internet. Facebook is having biggest social network among the millions including college students, professionals and almost every age group masses.

To increase the interaction plus more attractive, people uses to develop applications which are commonly known as Facebook applications. Using these applications users can add more customized features to Facebook. Facebook is not only feeding the social groups it is having presence for business groups also such as online businessmen use to search different techniques to reach out targeted customers and in the modern times no other successful technique is more beneficial other than using social networking websites for business promotion. Many of the businesses are using Facebook applications for their business promotion.

Facebook application development is also very common practice , by using some popular server-side programming languages such as PHP, ASP, JSP, ColdFusion and many more and hosted on the developers own server. By doing this users use to make interface with Facebook as part of Facebook. Developing the Facebook applications is the smart work of using data stored in Facebook & photos and handling the multimedia with other custom data within the Facebook applications. There are also some essential tasks of the developers such as sending notifications & invitations from within an application, creating the control panels for users, updating the user’s profile, etc.

Developing the Facebook application is quite different work as it needs creative skills with several other things which are different from developing the traditional applications. Creating, configuring and developing an application on the Facebook platform requires various processes, technical-non technical tricks, smartly working with Facebook markup language (FBML), working with Facebook Query Language (FQL), optimum utilization of community-supported wiki & bug-tracker, smart integration of automated & scheduled tasks and making effective strategies for developing customized features for applications.

Development of the Facebook application requires some experience with the Facebook and its different uses. Those who have little experience can follow the tutorials available on the internet written by programmers which can provide structured format that can guide about Facebook application developing techniques. Developers which do not have appropriate sense about social networking and its deep rooting among the internet users cannot develop effective & attractive applications. Having only knowledge of basic web technologies and web development experience is not enough for producing the useful Facebook application.

It is advisable by experienced application developers that, those who are almost new to web development work as well as not much familiar about the social networking concept & its uses should hire professional Facebook application developer.

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