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When searching for a Colorado assisted living facility, what type of living arrangements should you first consider? In this video, Applewood Our House owner Alan Wyngarden discusses senior needs and the types of housing options that are available for them.

There are many options for seniors living arrangements and the type you choose will depend on the health and capabilities of your senior loved one. In many cases they can remain in their own homes for a long while if given the necessary assistance. This is the preferred option for many, especially if they have lived there for much of their lives and have many friends in the area.

Assistance may be in the form of transport to medical appointments and entertainment, home help, maintenance and meals. A phone check each morning to see if they are all right is often done, while they may also carry a device from which to activate their phone if they fall and cannot get up.

If the senior is still reasonably healthy you may consider taking them into your own home. This often happens in the case of a widowed parent who cannot quite manage alone, but still has much to offer. Unfortunately, when some seniors share the same home with their children and other family members, there is sometimes conflict. It is important for the parent to still have good quality of life with pleasant social interaction.

In this case, getting community help will ensure that the relationship is kept as pleasant as possible, with neither parent nor child feeling too much strain. Honest discussion should be encouraged between the two and between the rest of the family to work out a good solution for all parties. One person should not feel that the whole burden for senior care rests solely with them.

Another option can be a complex set up especially to assist independent living such as a village complex for the elderly. These have small units or flats that are fully serviced and as the person ages, they can move into an assisted living facility or nursing home. In many complexes today, they are often combined so all of these facilities can be found on the premises. In this way they are not uprooted from their friends and familiar environment.

A nursing home is another option. This is for those senior’s such as those suffering some form of dementia or a physical disability or are simply very frail, who need round the clock care. The problem with nursing homes is that dementia residents find it difficult to communicate with other residents. In this case, the needs for someone who is mentally and wants stimulating conversation with others, needs to be addressed.

Qualified assisted living in Colorado facilities offer the best of both worlds. Residents receive quality care, they interact with other residents on a daily basis, and their families can usually visit as often as they like.

They often say a house is not a home, but at Applewood Our House, their residents do feel at home. As a matter of fact, all of their residents are considered their family and live in a beautiful family setting with spectacular views and surroundings. For more information, give them a call today at: 303-956-9037.

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