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The services offered by Google’s android have given the application development market a new boom. With the increased use and demand of smart phones, the demand in application development market has also increased enormously. Due to the massive demand for smart phones, the android app development market has improved enormously. This has overgrown when compared to other app markets and is the first of its kind. Android app development services have risen in such a way that today most of the IT firms have also a vertical business of hiring android app development services. This allows you to hire developers who are well experienced in building applications depending on your requirement. It is also easy to contact and hire developers through these services.

Mobile applications change the way of usage of mobile phones. Mobile phones were once used mainly for calling, but now days with the vast development of application services, the usage of mobile phones has changed and they are used for multipurpose and in the same pace of laptops. With this development even the android app development services has also increased in the same pace. This development in the services is mainly due to the incredible work and talent of the android app developers.

The most important services offered by the android app development services are social networking applications, games and infotainment. These services play a major role in the rise of demand for app development services. Games are the major applications, which are used by most of the people. Games occupy the first place in its popularity when it comes to mobile phone usage. Android app developers have designed hundreds of games for the customers; while some are paid some of them are also available for free. According to a study, it’s been found out that about more than 90% of the android customers use their smart phone mostly for games. Games occupy the first place among the most downloaded android applications. This has encouraged business owners to develop smart games for advertising their business. Games are an easy way to reach people especially the smart phone users.

Social networking is one most rapidly emerging market and this has attracted the app developers in developing apps, which can allow people to stay on constant contact using the mobile applications. Twitter and Facebook have been the most commonly and frequently visited apps by the android users. With the increasing demand, the android app development services have extended its services in including the chat options also in these applications. Given these developments, the social networking apps have been the future of many businesses. Other useful services offered by the app development services are the infotainment, which gives information about all type of entertainment. Users can just download the apps and find whatever the information they need by just entering into the app.

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