Adult Development and Aging: Bucket List Review
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The movie itself is based on two adults who are taken terminally ill with lung cancer and although disparate in terms of social status, end up in the same hospital ward with the same disease. Carter, a lifelong mechanic played by Morgan Freeman and Edward, a billionaire in the business of health care who also happened to own this very hospital, played by Jack Nicholson who initially refused to be placed in the same ward as Carter claiming that he already looked “half-dead” (Nicholson & Freeman, 2007). Both led life in a fashion of their choosing only to be hit by a sudden life clock that was ticking away fast.

Both now find themselves wanting to be at peace with themselves with an “an unrealized need to come to terms with who they were” (IGN Entertainment, 2008) having an urge to live life to its fullest as seen when Carter spends some time scribing a List of things to do before he dies, which Edward stumbles upon and then adds to, while at the same time encouraging Carter to fulfill every lifelong ambition he stipulated within that list. Edward goes so far as to offer financial assistance to Carter in this new found journey and persuades him to take it with him, to which Carter reluctantly agrees even when his wife protested against it. With a few additions to the list, such as skydiving and kissing the most beautiful girl in the world, along with a not so benign request for an orgy made by Edward, the two embark on a mission to go through every item on the list, a task that stretches from high end restaurants in France to the Taj Mahal in India, from bike rides on the Great Wall of China to driving vintage sports cars, the epic journey giving us an insight in the life of two ailing adults with limited time to live who, although coming from separate backgrounds and very different social settings, share similar views deep down on what brings them true joy. Bonds are formed and deep friendships result out of this endeavor, with careful discussions on religion and personal affairs, only to end in the tragic (although expected) death of Carter.

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