A Snapshot of Tribe Development In Andaman Islands
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An Indian Union territory located in the Bay of Bengal, ‘Andaman & Nicobar Islands’ is beautiful archipelago adorned with pristine natural grandeurs and amazing customs & cultures. This archipelago combines 572 small islands and covers an area of 8249 Sq.km spreading north to south in Bay of Bengal. Andaman Island is undoubtedly among some rare places in the world, where human being has so far outlasted with his original traditions & customs. Perhaps the most isolated and remote area at Indian Subcontinent, it features one of the simplest levels of human culture existing in the world.

There are four original habitants of Andaman Island – the Great Andamanese, Onge, Jarawa and the Santinelese, which still survive in their original form and manners. Numerous measures have been devised by the Indian Government, to uplift their living standard, but due to the isolation and remoteness of the islands, the tribal situation at Andaman is a subject of challenge both for the government and the social workers. Besides this, the habitants themselves don’t want to change, and prefer to maintain their own values and manners.

Tribe communities at Andaman are separated by the vast waterways. These communities live with their own traditions, own needs and very own social values. Some of them are with large population having a long exposure to the outer world, while some are very small with population about hundred or a bit more. Even a small interference can cause destabilization in the life and culture of these small entities. That’s why an utmost care must be taken before formulating any development program, so that negative impacts on the life of the tribes can be avoided. The government should consider some important aspects like geographical distribution, cultural practices, needs and attitudes, and forest ecology while drawing any development plan. And it can’t be done without proper understanding of these communities.

In last couple decades, some positive signs have been noticed regarding the development and welfare of these tribe communities. Various tribal development schemes have been launched with the special assistance of Government of India, disseminating significant benefits at least for those communities who are practically not untouched.  These development schemes aim overall progress of tribes without undermining their cultural heritage. They properly take care of bio-cultural factors, the needs and the social values of tribe communities, as tribes at Andaman normally react unfavorably to the development programs with the perception that they may commove their conventional norms, which these communities favor over anything else.

During an Andaman tour, a large number of travelers visit these amazing tribe villages to experience a unique way of living and wonderful traditions & cultures. Nowadays, an Andaman package is demanded not only to savor mesmerizing beauty of nature but also to explore splendid tribe cultures.

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